About The School

As Indians, our diverse cultural heritage, traditions, forms of art are our pride. Naturally, when we move home across oceans, along with two suitcases of carefully selected material items, we carry with us our art, culture and traditions – our “Parampara”!

True to its name, Parampara, based out of Connecticut, USA is an institute that carries on the tradition of Indian music, in a land far from their origin, and in fact gives it new roots by spreading the love and appreciation of the Indian music.

Our Founder

Kasturi SenBhunia

Having been introduced to music at a very early age by her father, Kasturi grew up in an environment which nurtured music and dance. She completed her basic classical and Rabindra Sangeet training along with her early education. After that she started her Rabindra Sangeet taalim from Geetabitan and classical taalim from Pandit Sukdeb Goswami.

Our Band

The Parampara Institute also takes pride in its own band which is famous for performing in the tristate region, enthralling audience with its folk music. From the rustic rhythms of genres like Baul, Jhumur to the melodious strains of Bhatiyali and folk songs from the different regions of India & Rhythmic Contemporary, Parampara’s repertoire is extensive.



I have joined the Parampara music schools not too long ago. During this short time I see that Kasturi is a teacher who is understanding ,caring and wants her students to the very best they can .It shows in her efforts.

Studies Music with Kasturi

Me and my husband both feel so lucky as we have a teacher like Kasturi Sen who is very PASSIONATE ABOUT TEACHING HER MUSIC and I am saying it because KNOWING MUSIC AND TEACHING IS TWO DIFFERENT THINGS ,A VERY GOOD SINGER MAY NOT BE A GOOD TEACHER .

Son studies Music with Kasturi

Parampara school and it's founder, Kasturi Didi, have been working diligently in preserving the beautiful culture of Hindustani classical music in USA and especially in the greater Hartford area of CT. We have been highly impressed by Kasturi Didi's teaching style and her organized way of conducting annual recitals, annual exams that provide a strong medium to public performance and methodical approach to progression through the journey of learning classical singing. Our daughter is extremely lucky to have a Guru like Kasturi didi.

Daughter Studies Music