Parampara- A musical journey


Parampara engages in many aspects of the Indian traditional music and courses are catered to cover most of the following genres, based on the interest of the students:

Parampara offers courses focused towards developing and nurturing fundamental concepts in learning, and appreciation of music. Our online and offline music course structure is based on achieving the following levels of proficiency -

  1. Prarambhik – Beginners with four proficiency levels (Shadja, Rishav, Gandhar and Madhyam)
  2. Antara  – Intermediate with three proficiency levels (Pancham, Dhaibat and Nishad)
  3. Praveen – Advanced with two proficiency levels (Kodi o Komol)

Our fundamental focus is to help  our students understand :

  • The basic elements of music, notes and rhythm 
  • Alankars and creating patterns with seven swars
  • Develop voice clarity
  • The use of electronic Tanpura or Tanpura app for regular practice
  • How to focus on the stability of the note and match the pitch perfectly to the tanpura
  • Exposure to Hindustani raagas.


  1. Hindustani Classical Music  (for age 5 and up)
  2. Semi Classical and other genres (for age 5 and up)
  3. Rabindrasangeet (a specialized course for advanced students, aged 18 and up)
  4. Folk Music (a specialized course for advanced students, aged 18 and up)
  5. Bengali Recitation Course conducted by Renowned Poetry Performer Shovansundar Bosu (online only)

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