Parampara- A musical journey

Lessons Offered

Parampara engages in many aspects of the Indian traditional music and lessons are catered to cover most of the following genres, based on the interest of the students:

  • Hindustani Classical
  • Semi classical and other genres
  • Rabindra Sangeet
  • Folk Song
  • Bengali Recitation

Lesson Plan

Parampara School of Music reserves a lesson time (once a week) for the students. Students who are unable to attend a lesson will miss the benefit of that lesson.

Parampara believes that imparting the knowledge of music should happen in a customized fashion for the students, but also brings in structure by leveraging the below guidelines:

  • Classes are held for students aged 5 and above.
  • Classes can be one-one or in group, once a week, ranging from 45 minutes to an hour depending on the needs and wants of the student and decided as per mutual agreement between the student and the school.
  • Practice is conducted with tabla and other percussion instruments at least once in a month.
  • A recital is conducted each year where students perform in front of their friends, families and other influential members of the community
  • The classes are conducted in-person, or online, or a combination of the two.
  • Students are certified after successful completion of each level.

Practice Plan

Consistent, focused practice is the key to effective learning. It is expected that the students will practice, for at least 20 minutes to an hour each day (depending upon his/her level), for five to six days a week and be well prepared for the upcoming class. Listening to classical music at home and attending live concerts is also highly recommended, to cultivate interest and reinforce the musical learning.

Supplementary Lessons Offered Practice with Tabla

Parampara School of Music provides its students with the rare opportunity to practice with live Tabla on a regular basis. Tabla classes are usually held once in a month and during this time each student gets to practice vocal music accompanied by live Tabla on a one on one basis. These students are very fortunate to be accompanied by established tabla players.

Theory class

The school believes that, imparting the knowledge of music, should not be restricted to ensuring the student’s capability to sing, but to build a music enthusiast who has a profound knowledge of music and rhythm, who understands the concepts of the Indian classical music. To thus enable the students, the Parampara School of Music, provides with group Theory classes and workshops, as frequently as once a month.

Musical Instruments

Parampara studio has a wide collection of Indian percussion and rhythm instruments. Along with music lessons, Parampara provides its students with the unique opportunity to play and listen to the various types of instruments, based on their interest. It helps them to connect with the world of music and get an idea about the entire soundscape. The Percussion and Musical Instrument related lessons are anchored and driven by Sri Girija Sankar Bhunia & the students get exposure to a variety of Instruments from across the world through these lessons. 

A Great Place to Learn

we carry with us our art, culture and traditions

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