Our Music Workshops provide children with an internal glimpse of other cultures and teaches them to be empathetic towards the people of these cultures. This development of compassion and empathy provides a bridge across cultures that lead to respect of others. Music workshops enhance teamwork skills and discipline. Music provides children with a medium for self-expression. Self-expression is a key part of learning and development which is an ongoing process. Self-esteem is a by-product of this self-expression and our workshops provide an opportunity for the same.

One of the workshops recently held was with Sri Abhijit Basu Honorary Faculty of this institute. It was a wonderful experience to listen to him. We were thankful to him for coming and teaching the students of this institute about the rich and beautiful genres of Bengali Folk Music. It was a very informative, fun, and inclusive symposium.

Baithak Concert

Parampara school of music used to arrange Baithak Concerts throughout the year. In a “Baithak’ setting, the audience can enjoy the performance of a renowned artist in a homely setting, on an interactive mode. Here the artist and the audience can share their musical experiences with each other.

Baithak Concerts typically occur on Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoons. The primary venue is the Studio of Parampara School of Music. In 2018, we got Sri Abhijit Basu and Pandit Tushar Dutta with us in the Baithak Concert. We will post about the detail of our next Baithak Concert soon in this web-page.

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